Run for Kids Marathon Challenge

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the Run for Kids Marathon Challenge so far on my behalf! You know who you are, but just in case you forgot:

Sara & Brenden Beck Bob Blakeley Dave Blankenship
Matt Caito Seth Chaikin Mike & Connie Coffee
Don DeCelles Kevin Edelblute Jon Gann
Matt Gann Ivan Gatewood Mikki Hargrave
Catherine Kane Robert Long Alix Mattingly
Lauri & John Ploch Dave Retzler Dan & Tracy Sweet
Terry Thomas Sarah Watkins

Additionally, I would like to thank Nick Panebianco, another RFK team member, who has agreed to be my running mentor this year as I continue my fundraising and training efforts. Thanks for everything, Nick!

My informal training will switch over to a formal training schedule late in June, with 18 weeks focused on the big day, October 30, 2005. You can even check out a copy of my training schedule!

Have a wonderful and safe summer!
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