2006 marks twenty years after my high-school graduation. Twenty years being a suitable watermark for reflection, here's a brief run-down of the past two decades (plus five):

1983: Family moves to East Kingston, NH; attended the prestigious Exeter Area High School.
1986: High school graduation.
1986-1990: Attended the University of Notre Dame, graduated. Details sealed under current grand jury testimony.
1990-1993: Worked for Price Waterhouse in Washington DC, Tampa FL, Cheyenne WY, and Annapolis MD.
1993-1995: Worked for KPMG LLP in Washington DC.
1995: Transferred to KPMG's Austin, TX office. Worked in Dallas TX; Boulder CO; Alexandria VA; New York NY; O'Fallon IL; Arlington VA; Jackson MS; and Huntsville AL. Loathed tax time, annually.
2000: Left KPMG Consulting to accept position with AppNet (later acquired by Commerce One) in Arlington, VA.
2001: House purchase in Alexandria, Va. Married Val Pushwa in Washington, DC.
2002: Laid-off from Commerce One due to office closure.
2002-2003: Web Manager for the City of Alexandria (Va.).
2003: Contract work with non-profit in Washington, DC.
2003-2004: Web Manager for Defenders of Wildlife, Washington, DC.
2004: Son, Alexander Austin Fillio, born on January 31. Assumed duties as stay-at-home dad and continued with freelance IT work.
2007: Daughter, Zoe Alexandria Fillio, born on September 20. Project manager position with SAS.
2008: Moved; sold house in Alexandria, VA. Bought house in Holly Springs NC.
2012: Val begins an extramarital affair with a co-worker. Chris requests that she move out.
2013: Val moves out of the estate; marital separation. Remaining details: TBD.