Why have I written down my goals, and even further, publicly published them here? A written goal represents a real commitment and the recognition of the need for accountability. Without a commitment, a goal is only a dream. A dream is something we would like to have happen, but are unwilling to pay the price to make it happen. Any worthwhile goal has its price. That price may be confronting a personal fear or investing a certain amount of time and effort. Whatever the goal is, if it's worthwhile, you can bet there will be a price for achieving it.

I have always been focused on what is required to meet specific levels of achievement. In October 2005, I completed my fifth marathon and in doing so, accomplished a lifelong goal of finishing in less then three hours, a traditional barometer for marathon running excellence. The effort involved many, many sacrifices and a very disciplined and focused approach.

In the end, it was all worthwhile (details here.)

Personal and Professional Goals.