Sunday, February 27, 2005

In The Beginning...

My first "real job" outta college was as a consultant for Price Waterhouse's Office of Government Services in Washington, DC. We'll get to more on that later, but for starters, let's just say that the only way besides heavy and frequent drinking to numb the effects of 80+ hour weeks and Type A (as in "asshole") personalities at the management level was via humor and sarcasm.

So while the poem about my senior manager with the big butt who was sleeping with the project partner didn't exactly expedite my ascension up the career ladder, humor nonetheless kept most of us from teetering over the edge of sanity into oblivion. Today we have:

The Tunnel. The unofficial inter-office newsletter of the OGS office [Page 1 Page 2].
Library of Congress CDS Work Schedule. AKA, how we burned away the hours at the latest project from hell. [Schedule]


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